A Nightmare of Blood

A nightmare... A nightmare that will haunt you forever. In this world, most people aren't completely good, now are they? Now it's time for those who fought to save the planet, to save it from becoming a killing zone, to rise up! Join in the fight!


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Welcome all
Yukiko is one of the first of Light. She loves beating the snot out of the Dark creatures that dominate the earth at the moment. When she is not needed in the front lines for battle, she loves crafting custom weapons. If you are in need of a weapon, you should really visit her workplace if you want the job done right.

What her name means. Yukiko's name is 'Snowchild' for when she was young, her parents noticed that the cold seemed to not affect her and Yukiko HATED being too warm. Yukiko is #1 in the Order Of Light but she hates when people bow to her or call her anything but her name, so if you want to be on her good side, I'd just call her Yukiko.

Her picture?
Bio Skeleton:
Title: (I will edit this as to what rank I think you should be. Be warned, if you are not a moderator, you will NOT be in the Order of ANYTHING.)

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